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Gauranteed future plan

Guaranteed Future Plan is an individual, Non-Linked, Non-participating, Savings Life Insurance Plan that enables you to save systematically and offers guaranteed returns. It also safeguards you against certain unforeseen life events. The plan ensures that you are able to meet your life’s financial goals with higher degree of certainty. The plan offers you complete control and flexibility to customize your savings schedule based on your needs and affordability. You can also choose the manner in which you receive maturity amounts (i.e. Income, Lump-sum or combination thereof) and can also customize the timing to best meet your requirements.

Benefits with Gauranteed Future Plan

  • Choice from 4 Plan Options –
  • Guaranteed Income factor ranging from 103% to 245% of Annualised premium
  • Booster additions ranging from 30% to 406% of Annualised premium in addition to your regular income payout5 with Income + Boosters option.
  • Pay as you like: Choose from various premium payment options from 5, 7 to 15 years or Single pay.
  • Additional benefits to boost your corpus
  • Flexibility to receive your income payout on the date of your choice
  • Option to Choose deferment period: You can defer survival benefit payout by choosing any one Deferment Period (0, 1 or 2 in complete years) at inception of the policy.
  • Protection: Safeguard against uncertainties
  • Tax benefits: You may be eligible to avail tax benefit on premiums paid and benefits received, as per prevailing tax laws