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About Me/ Author Info

My name is Jeetu and I am the founder of this website. I love to read and learn about things related to finance and investment and even today I keep getting information related to them on a daily basis. The main purpose of making this website (FinancialYatra.com) is to give financial knowledge in Hindi language to the people in India who have trouble in English or who do not know English.

Why I started the FinancialYatra

There is a severe lack of financial literacy among the people in our country, nor are we made aware of these things in school education, how important financial knowledge is for us.

Friends, along with earning money, we should also invest it in the right place and make more money from that money, then only we will be able to solve the problem related to our finance well.

Due to the lack of financial information, people are hardly able to save their hard earned money, so we have created this website to give financial knowledge to the people, in which each and every possible information related to finance can be given to our readers.

I have created this website to share my knowledge and experience through my Hindi articles because you will get a lot of resources in English but in Hindi you will get very few websites in the present time which will give you good Cryptocurrency, Stock market, Mutual As it explains well about financial investment. In such a situation, we have created the FinancialYatra.com website to give detailed information about all investment options like Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, NFT, Stock Market, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Bonds etc.

The primary goal of this website is to make people financially aware.

Why FinancialYatra Name

In the FinancialYatra.com website, you get all the information related to finance and investing which makes your financial journey easy and that is why we have named it FinancialYatra.

If you like our work, then you must share this website with your friends on social media and if possible, please tell other people about it so that they can get information about it along with you.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us by email. You can also contact me through the Contact Us page.

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